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Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 1:56pm

Post Subject: Prop Shaft to Coupling Problems

Hello! My prop shaft has detatched itself from its coupling and slid out a couple of inches. The coupling has a threaded hole what appears to be approx. 10mm in diameter. I'm guessing this once housed a bolt or grub screw that went through the coupling to the prop shaft to hold the prop shaft in place. I need to reattach and secure the prop shaft. I'm guessing that means sliding the shaft back into position within the coupling and putting the bolt or grub screw in place. Unfortunately I don't have it (have checked bilges etc). I am dealing with old components - but if my assumptions are correct with the refitting (??) all I need to do is identify the screw or bolt that needs replacing, and replace it. Does anyone know how I can identify the coupling type, and therefore get a replacement part, or can anyone advise alternatives? (not get a new coupling unit please). I hope this makes sense! Thanks

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