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Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2009 3:42pm

Post Subject: Webasto Heater

Hello I'm having trouble getting my heater to ignite. It's a Webasto thermo tpo which runs four radiators. We can only get to our boat every second weekend (apart from holidays) and usually arrive Friday evening. The last couple of times, I've tried the heater and all I got was a cloud of white smoke from the exhaust. We had the same touble last year and were told that the problem was battery level. We bit the bullet and installed a largs (130w) solar panal on the roof. This seemed to cure the problem but now as winter is on us we still can't get it to work. It does seem to work afeter we'vs run the engine for a few hours which suggests battery level problems, but the charge controler is telling me everything is ok and a seperate check with a voltgae meter confirme full charge. The boat is only eighteen monthe old. Any ideas please?, it's getting cold!


Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2009 5:23pm

Post Subject: Webasto Heater

First of all you might like to see if there has been a court case involving that heater in a narrowboat. It might give you a clue as to the best way forward. i also suggest that you go to the Canal World Forum and have a look at the Boat Building and Maintenance section where you will find illustrated servicing instructions. I suspect the glow-plug could be carboned up. It would also be a good idea to measure the voltage across the glow-plug terminals as it tries to start, it's not unknown for undersized cable to be used which causes voltdrop and that gives "flat battery" symptoms on equipment when the batteries are not flat. It has been noted that this type of heater seems to play up if allowed to operate on reduced power so it is probably best to organise things so its ether on full power or off. Although there are probably many satisfied users of this type of heater there are also a lot who are far from satisfied around the inland system. This applies across the "big three" makers and not Webasto in particular. One last point. When I updated the heating on my holiday boat I installed an Alde gas boiler and am happy to pay the alleged price premium for my problem free heat. Sorry, if you want me to comment more you will have to email me off a public form. Tony Brooks

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