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Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2009 8:52pm

Post Subject: Toilet Choice.

Tony. When considering toilet choice for a narrowboat, what are the pros and cons of the pumpout vs cassette. Am I wrong, or is there a general move towards the cassette toilet system? Moreover, how easy is it to convert one to the other? Regards. Jim.


Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 9:45pm

Post Subject: Toilet Choice.

Dear Jim, Basically its what you feel happiest with. Personally I do not find it much fun trying to pour several gallons of other peoples excreta down a "shoot" that is in a not too sanitary condition so I find a large holding tank with PLENTY of ventilation (say 2 x 1"+ breathers, fan assisted if possible) far more acceptable, even if I do have to spend up to £20 for a pump-out every two or three weeks of full time aboard. Self service pump-outs that at least are done in the open air are about half that price. Normally using BW or EA sanitary stations to empty cassette is free. Another boater will give you directly opposite views but often they are coloured by smell from an inadequately vented holding tank. I have no time for vacuum or maccerator toilets because of the added electrical load they place upon the system and the increasing complexity can lead to more problems. If you are living aboard then a cassette may well be more cost effective and if you get iced in a spade solves the inevitable problem. A remote holding tank toilet is easy to convert to cassette. Pump the tank out, remove the toilet, seal the pipe and put the cassette where the toilet was. A dump through (the ones I favour) is more difficult because the tank is directly under the toilet but by using a small Porta-potty it might be possible to remove the toilet, blank the hole in the tank and place the Porta-potty in place of the toilet. Going the other way is much harder because the space where you would normally site the tank will probably be used for something else and you have the problem of getting a large tank into and along the boat. Whenever two or three boaters gather it us not long before conversations turn to toilets and the you find very entrenched views. Unfortunately your lack of background detail makes a more helpful answer difficult. Tony Brooks

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