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Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 8:21pm

Post Subject: oil pressure going down on lister sr2

hi On my Lister sr2 the oil pressure gauge reads about 40 psi when the engine has just been started, but when the engine gets hot after about 1hour or so the gauge reads 0 psi. it goes down quicker in the summer can any one help me.


Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 8:21am

Post Subject: oil pressure going down on lister sr2

I don't suppose by any chance your engine appears to be making lubricating oil? That is the engine oil level is going UP. Whenever any of these air cooled Listers suffer low oil pressure, stalling when hot or a strong diesel smell from the engine the first thing to suspect is an internal fuel leak which results in the oil level rising. Dip the sump and check the level. Smell the oil on the dipstick and also rub it between your fingers. Do the same with same fresh oil from a can so you know what it should smell and feel like. If the oil feels thin and smells of diesel fuel then you have an internal fuel leak on the fuel system. You may find it by removing the rocker covers and checking for drips from the injector pipes, but often you have to remove the engine side cover to inspect the rest of the pipes and the injector pumps. If this is the cause please do not run the engine until you have changed the oil. The higher the oil level and the thinner the oil the greater the possibility that the engine will keep on speeding up, running on the sump oil, until there is a large and expensive bang. Once you have ruled oil dilution out you need to think about other things, If this is an electrical gauge I would suspect the sender unit as being faulty, but if its a mechanical gauge with a pipe connecting it to the engine that is far less likely. Then we have to start thinking about the oil pressure relief valve stuck open or the sump strainer blocked. I think both of these can be accessed through the crankcase door, low down on the side of the engine (don't hold me this this, I am working from memory). If its not either of those then it is likely to be a worn oil pump or a badly worn engine. In this case you could try running it with 20W50 oil but that would only tend to cover up the problem for a while. For more detailed information the main Lister people are Marine Engine Services at Uxbridge. Please let us know what you find. Tony Brooks

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