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Posted: Tue May 25, 2010 3:02pm

Post Subject: Anchors

You recently featured a query about the correct type of anchor to use on a narrowboat, however, mentioned that anchors should not be attached to either T studs or dolly's. I have been trying to pluck up courage to venture onto the rivers for several years. Your warning has struck fear and trembling! How should anchors be attached to a narrowboat if not by a T stud or dolly?


Posted: Tue May 25, 2010 5:19pm

Post Subject: Anchors

Dear Elaine, Please do not be afraid of rivers, especially from now until about November (in most years!). I have met a stronger current on the canal in Banbury when BW were running water down that you find on the Thames in the summer. IF the T stud or dolly is one that has a large bolt (say 12mm+)attaching it to the hull then fixing the anchor to it should be OK. However many studs and dollies are welded and and often the stud or dolly is made of cast iron. This gives lots of scope for faulty welds so it is safer to find another way of attaching it. You could get a heavy bar bent into a U shape welded onto the inside of the hull. On my boat I could cut two holes through the side or front of one of the well deck lockers. On a cruiser stern you could fix the rope to one of the safety rail uprights. You see we can not be seen to encourage bad practise so we have to warn about the studs and dollies however may I politely suggest that you carry out a bit of observation to see how other boaters attach the anchor rope. Where ever you attach it you must think "if I have an emergency and the anchor tries to stop about 15 tons of narrowboat will the attachment point hold?" If the answer is yes then its fine, even if the panel it is fitted to bends and distorts. If the answer is "I do not know" then try to find another point. Tony Brooks (who has never had to anchor in anger since about 1961)

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