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Posted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:43pm

Post Subject: Shire 40 Antifreeze Drain

Hi Tony, I have a 2005 model year Shire 40, and would like to know if there is a drain plug on the engine block as the inlet and outlet hoses are both on the top, therefore when removing the hose from the skin tank outlet the contents of the engine are not drained. Thanks, Mark


Posted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:20pm

Post Subject: Shire 40 Antifreeze Drain

Dear Mark, for this sort of highly detailed information you need to consult your engine manual where I trust E P Barrus have seen fit to put it. Unfortunately the Shire 40 manuals on the E P Barrus website starts at the 06 build but I do not think it will be vastly different to the 05, however it is remarkably silent on draining the block. On the line drawings at the end of the manual - and only on the 40 - I can see what looks suspiciously like a block drain tap on the end of a pipe mounted just above the flywheel housing on the right hand side of the engine. It has a hose-tail on the tap. If you do not have one look on the side of the block, just above where it bells out to form the crankcase and towards the back of the engien on the right hand side. You could find a plug or tap screwed into the block. I also note that the large metal pipe running from the gearbox oil cooler to the engine water pump has a small hose connection at the water pump end. If you undid this connection and slid the hose down the pipe I think it would drain most of the water from the block. However I must refer you to your local dealer or E P Barus or Bicester for confirmations. Tony Brooks

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