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Posted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 9:05am

Post Subject: Multifuel stove installation

I am about to start fitting-out my widebeam narrowboat which is currently being built as a sailaway by Lambon. We would like to fit a multifuel stove and have ordered a Stovax Brunel 1a, largely because we have had one before in a previous existence and think they are great little stoves. The new BSI standard seems to have created some confusion as to what is allowed regarding placement, proximity to combustibles, flue requirements, etc., and Iâm not sure that, even if I bought a set of the BSI standards at something like £160, I would necessarily be the wiser. We want to position our stove on a diagonal with the hull-side at the end of a kitchen unit run. The hull will be spray-foam insulated and the kitchen units will be predominantly timber. We would like to tile the hearth, hull and end of kitchen run, and install a twin-wall flue through a roof-plate that we know we can get from Calcutt. There are many instances of multifuel stove installations in your magazine that are similar to this; indeed, there is an example on page 33 of the January edition. Do I really need to buy a set of BSI standards and will they be useful if I do? Alternatively, could you advise me on a typical installation that is likely to gain RCD and BSS approval.


Posted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 5:30pm

Post Subject: Multifuel stove installation

I am sorry but I can see no way that it would be prudent to advise on installing a solid fuel stove on a boat now there is a BS in place. I think you would be very foolish to avoid ensuring the installation complies with BS 8511:2010 because to do so may give your insurance company a way of avoiding paying a future claim. You should not need to buy the BS because I would expect it to be available at main libraries for you to consult. I note you make no mention of mounting the tiles on heatproof board and no mention of ensuring that board is in some way insulated from any surrounding woodwork. Even if the BSS and BS 8511:2010 allows it tiling onto any wood type board next to a stove is very unsafe. The BS will give you minimum clearances around the stove an flue. The other way of getting advice about stove installation is to ask whoever you are paying to oversee the RCD compliance and documentation. Sorry, but I am not going to advise unless I can get access to a copy of the BS and I do have such access. Tony Brooks

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