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Posted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:03pm

Post Subject: engine

thanks tony b for your email ihave taken out plugs and checked them across battery they all glow red compression was checked in may it wos ok. engine turns over fast.. had £788 spent on engine in may good second hand cylinder head decoked, valves lapped in new valve seals new fuel and oil filters change oil 4 new injectors new water trap filter new fuel line. it did start first time but now will not start from cold. pb machanical services did the work and when contacted about not starting they told me they dont give eny garentee on work . they give me a can of engine start and told me to try it but not all the time or engine will get used to starting with it. i turnd engine over not heating the plugs give a squrt of engine start to air filter it started in 3 secounds. i phoned up pb machanical they told me it can not be compresion then this engine has done less then 10 hours since work done on engine


Posted: Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:30pm

Post Subject: engine

The engine will not "get used" to Easystart if used sparingly and as directed BUT its a fine line and its all too easy to bend connecting rod and damage other internal parts. Unless you can give me the compression figures both dry and wet there is no way I can accept that it is OK. Poor starting with lots of exhaust smoke indicates one of: Problems with the glow plugs or their circuit (the wiring could be undersized preventing them reaching the correct temperature). Faulty injectors. Lack of compression (for any reason). Faulty injection or valve timing. Engine cranking too slowly. Little exhaust smoke indicates a fuel problem. Unless I see figures and specialist reports I honestly can not say more than that. I think you will need to pay an independent expert to investigate the engine and give a written report so you can take this further. I fear this will seem like throwing good money after bad but otherwise I fear you will have to write your money off and get another engine from someone who does give a guarantee. If this has been going on since May you must talk to Consumer Protection because on what you tell me the work was not of a standard one would expect from an "expert" as PB Mechanical clearly are. Sorry Tony Brooks (answer to your other question below original).

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