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Posted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:14pm

Post Subject: water system

hello! tony could you be of help. my problem is i have a little hole in my calorifier,would a normal soldering iron and solder fix it or would i have to get it profesionly welded it is a copper twin coil type


Posted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 4:19pm

Post Subject: water system

Before you even consider how it may be repaired you must first find out how it came to be there because if it was caused by over pressurisation (expanding ice, faulty/missing pressure relief valve etc.) repairing it is not likely to last. The problem with repairing calorifiers is that they are subject to far higher pressures than typical domestic hot water cylinders so the repair has to stand the higher pressure. I suspect a dab of muliticore electrical solder might not be strong enough. Then there is a question over what you mean by a normal soldering iron. For this type of job I would want one of at least one pound (lb) of copper that is heated on a gas ring. I fact the larger the better because the copper cylinder will drag heat out of the iron very fast. A small flame blow lamp may be a help as well. One of the toy electronics soldering iron with a pen nib type end will certainly not do the job, this is Desperate Dan territory. I would try to get some Tinmans solder and make a copper patch so the solder joint is spread over a large area even though the hole is very small. You will also have to drain the water out of the calorifier so that is not helping draw heat away from the work area. My suspicion is that it would be far easier to take the calorifier to someone who can braze over the hole. In short if you have the kit and know how to solder have a go, if not pay up and have someone else worry about the job. Tony Brooks

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