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Central heating 'Gurgling" at startup»
We have a Hurricane diesel heater that ...
Flat Bottom Boats or Inverted Bottom canal boats»
Hello, I am new to boating and looking ...
Inverter/ generator»
I have a 2.5kw combi inverter, it has ...
How to remove plastic item dropped into water tank?»
We have a small dutch barge 41' x 10' ...
Sterling pro ChargeD 1230CED Battery Charger»
Excuse my ignorance,our new boat has a ...
Buying a computer to use on our narrow boat»
When we retire (12/18 months time) we ...
Fuel over winter»
Is it best to have a full tank of ...
a steel top ?»
I currently own a 59ft narrowboat ...
Buying a computer to use on our narrowboat and at home»
When we retire (12/18 months) we hope ...
BMC 1.5 over revving / loss of throttle»
I have a BMC 1.5 that was rebuilt a ...
I would like to take my 62 foot ...
Hydraulic drive»
I have a hydraulic drive system and it ...
Can I travel from London to the south coast in a narrowboat»
I work in London and also in brighton. ...
charging of leisure battery»
Having asked question ofcentral heating ...
Central Heating problems»
My son has just purchased a narrow boat ...

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