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Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 4:06pm

Post Subject: steering my boat

hi I have had my 50ft narrowboat for 10 years and I am fed up with sitting on a hard piece of wood, with the tiller developing my right arm. After eight hours I am exhausted I went crick looking for a better way but no one is using hydraulics has anybody done this or have any information. Terry

steering my boat

Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:21pm

Post Subject: steering my boat

There are a fair number of hydraulic steering systems for boats but as they tend to concentrate on the large cruiser market they all tend to be wheel steered. Although wheel steering on narrowboats is perfectly possible you will probably lose a good deal of the feel/feed back you have with a tiller. Also joystick steering is used on a number of "disabled" boats. If this appeals to you contact Starline Narrowboats of Upton Upon Severn who specialise in building for disabled boaters. They should have experience of installing joystick control and advise further. list two makes of hydraulic steering system. My boat used to give me an aching shoulder until I fitted a propeller specified by Crowthers and learnt not to overdrive it on shallow canals. I know you have had the boat for 10 years but are you absolutely sure that you are not overdriving it. If you do the prop vortexes tend to bounce up from the canal bed and make any rudder judder far worse than it need be. If you have a GPS (even a car one & can plug it in) you may find that you can throttle back a fair bit yet maintain almost top actual speed. Tony Brooks

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