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Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:33pm

Post Subject: hot water heating

I have a 57ft boat with a lockgate diesel stove.I have piped the stove with a gentle rise along the boat and then a return through two lengths of finrad. This works fine and delivers heat to the bedroom and bathroom.The water circulates well.I have inserted a gate valve into this circuit and two 22mm to 15mm tee's one each side of this valve. I can now close the valve and pump the circulating water through my calorifier, This all happens but the system soon gets much cooler and it takes hours to get a cylinder of even luke warm water.Can you explain this. Is it that the circulating water is going round so quickly that it has no time to heat up, What can I do to slow it down if that is the reason. John Roscoe.

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