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Posted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 4:47pm


Thank's Tony for getting back to me so promptly. As for my I.D i promise i am just an ordinary boater with a problem and needed some advice, i just liked the name.My Father was in the R.E.M.E and my brother was a diesel mechanic who used to look after the engine, sadly gone. With reguards to the manual i purchased one from Marine engine services @ crick this May ,he showed me which gasket it was from the diagram but i dont know what i have to remove to get to it, and if any special tools are required. The lister manual says it's FUEL PUMP HOUSING JOINT TO TOP PLATE"ref page 64 n0 43 on the diagram if anyone has access to a manual. Many thank's Dave. Nottingham


Posted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:29pm


OK, but first of all take the rocker covers off and poke out the upright length of open pipe you find under each. These are the crankcase breathers. Now think very carefully about your mechanical abilities. I think this may well require you to disconnect the injector pump fuel rack and if so you will have to reset the rack. This needs a tool. Unfortunately the manual I have only has 52 pages. I suspect yours has the parts list in as well. Then its the air ducting, manifolds), rocker covers (already off) & heads. The later will require you to remove the injector leak off pipe. If the engine is configured for self bleeding you will have to remove the side door to free the leak off pipe extensions from the injector pump. Then free the main injector pipes. You will have to take the side door off the get access to the unions on the pumps unless you have already removed the cover. Leave the cylinders in place. Pull out the push rods and poke through a piece of card so they stay in the correct order. Remove the main fuel feed pipe and if required disconnect the injector pump rack so you can lift the housing over the pumps. The housing is bolted down from inside as far as I can remember and you may have to take the injector pumps out to gain access. If you do the pumps will require re-timing. Please take the air ducting and the side door off to inspect exactly what you have to take off before you start pulling the engine apart. It might end up being cheaper to pay someone to do it. I suspect a feeler gauge may do instead of a special tool for setting the fuel rack. Best of luck. Tony Brooks

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