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Posted: Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:24pm

Post Subject: anchors

please advise a suitable anchor for a 18ton 68foot narrow boat and the length of chain/rope needed for the thames river thanks doug

Posted: Tue Aug 03, 2010 9:48am

Post Subject: anchors

Dear Doug, if you go onto the Internet you will find loads of tables telling giving you the answer to your question but they will require you to say the weight of the boat, the depth of water you are anchoring in and the type of bottom. In all probability you will find that if you took this advice (assuming you can answer the questions - which I can not because they vary so much on rivers) you are likely to end up with an anchor and chain it is physically impossible to recover once deployed - especially from the well deck of a narrowboat fitted with a cratch. The best advice I can give, and I demand that you take other steps to satisfy yourself that it is good advice, is to go to a chandlers and get them to drape (say) 10 metres of suitable anchor chain around anchors of increasing size and you try to lift them. Choose the anchor before the one you struggle with. Then add another (say) 25 metres of rope. I would tend to buy the next sized rope up than that recommended by the chandler because if you are using an eye splice to fit the rope to the chain it will be the weakest point. I would also go for the next sized up shackles Most narrowboats use a Danforth style anchor because it will stow horizontally or vertically flat with few large projections to catch on ropes and such like. It is not good practise to attach the anchor line to T stud or dolly unless you are sure they are bolted through the hull. The welded on ones may have faulty welds and the last thing you want in an emergency is to see the T stud and anchor gear ping off into the river. In truth and as long as you stay above Brentford what I suggest is probably overkill for summer use (but possibly not during September 2008). Tony Brooks

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