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Posted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:15pm

Post Subject: water pouring out of tiller stock

This is a 57ft 2009 narrowboat with an isuzu 42, but I don't know who did the shell. On revs above 800 water pours out of the tiller stock. Our engineer says it can't be fixed by shuving foam in - whatever that means - and we'll have to live with it. We think it is really bad engineering. The rudder stock has just 2 nuts securing it. The swan neck does not have a nut on top of it. At the top collar there appears to be thee allen key sockets, and a grease nipple, but the upflow of water washes out any grease within hours of applying. Is ir possible to remove the whole of the present assembly when the boat is next being blacked and insert a better engineered watertight arrangement? Is there a simpler alternative? Advice very gratefully received. Thank you.

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