Canal boat holidays



Taking a canal boat break is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing holidays you can have – whether you go as a couple, a group or a family (you’ll find the kids really love it).

Imagine drifting gently through the UK’s beautiful countryside far from the rush of cities and towns (even if you choose to cruise through an urban area you’ll see it at a much more leisurely pace to the bustling crowds on the banks), stopping when you like and exploring a host of new sights at the myriad places you’ll visit while enjoying plenty of good food and drink.

In this holiday section we want to help you plan your trip and answer some of the common questions asked so that you can make the best of your break.

With dozens of boat hire companies and a multiplicity of overlapping routes, picking a holiday can be as easy or as time consuming as you want it to be.

If you are a newcomer to boating holidays, or you just want to keep things simple and have the widest choice of routes, then opt for one of the major booking agencies who work in conjunction with hire operators or go to the large holiday hire firms. If, on the other hand, you value the more personal touch, want to hire a particular type of boat or know the waterway you want to cruise, then you might well want to opt for one of the very many smaller hire companies.

There is a lot more variation on price, too, with boats ranging from the simply furnished to the luxurious, and priced accordingly, though very often the smaller firms – and the smallest have as little as two or three boats – do offer particularly good value. The personal touch plays a big part in the service provided by all these small operators. You can also find a wider variety of styles and fit-outs among the smaller companies and they can also give you access to waterways that are more remote from the main network.

If you are unsure where to go for your holiday, check out our Canal Network pages which list every canal in the country and offer helpful advice on every canal.

And finally, if you’re unsure of the boating skills needed to enjoy yourself, check out our New to Boating pages where you’ll find out how easy it all is. Have fun.


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